Trina Solar – Large area PERC cells achieve a new record level of efficiency

Some well-known manufacturers such as Jinko Solar and Longi Solar are constantly increasing the efficiency of their solar modules. August also holds new headlines in this area. Trina Solar, the Chinese solar module manufacturer based in Jiangsu Province, is able to convince the market this month with its newly achieved efficiency in the area of ??large-area 210mm x 210mm high-performance solar modules.

In this article we want to take a closer look at the newly achieved efficiency.

Trina Solar achieves an efficiency of 23.56% for its large-area PERC solar cells

The large-area monocrystalline PERC solar cells of the p-type achieved an efficiency of 23.03 percent as early as June 2021. Today, in August 2021, this is already 23.56 percent. This corresponds to an absolute increase of 2.3%.

Earlier this year, Trina Solar was the first to introduce a new generation of 670 watt vertex modules. A narrower version, the so-called Vertex-S series, was designed and placed on the market at this time.

The following facts distinguish the modules of the so-called Vertex and Vertex-S series made from PERC cells:

  • 66 PERC cells
  • Cell size 210mm x 210mm
  • Monocrystalline p-type solar cells
  • Vertex range: 550 watts to 670 watts
  • Vertex-S series: 410 watts to 510 watts

The Vertex and Vertex-S series developed by Trina Solar are among the ultra-high-performance modules within the solar industry. While the Vertex series was developed primarily for large systems, the Vertex S series, on the other hand, has been specially designed for private and commercial roof systems. These modules are based on the innovative multi-busbar technology and use 210 mm silicon wafers. Above all, they are characterized by high-density connection technologies and non-destructive cutting. The Vertex-S series can also convince with a noble design.

You can get a first impression of the optics of these two series within the following illustration:

Source: self-made graphic with Gimp,

According to Trina, this efficiency of 23.56% was achieved for an industrial large-area solar cell from the 550 to 670 watt module series.

According to Yifeng Chen, head of the research and development center for high-efficiency cells and modules at Trina Solar, these 210mm PERC cells were manufactured using industrially applicable manufacturing equipment and materials. Due to the constant improvement in efficiency, Trina was able to prove that 210 cells can achieve a very high level of efficiency. According to Chen, this is just the beginning. It is planned to further expand these technologies in order to consolidate the technological leadership in the mass production of high-efficiency cells in the long term.


With the Vertex and Vertex-S series, Trina Solar has created a product series that has been able to crystallize strongly on the market in the field of ultra-high-performance modules. Even the competitive manufacturers Longi Solar and Jinko Solar cannot keep up in this area. If Trina implements its project and continues to concentrate on the expansion of innovative technologies, we are sure that the manufacturer can maintain the technological leadership in this area. We could also imagine that the increase in the efficiency of this product line could also move Trina up a place in the power rankings published by Exawatt for 2021 and thus Jinko Solar could possibly slip to fourth place in the ranking.


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