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Junction boxes and their impact on solar module operation

In recent months, leading manufacturers such as Jinko Solar and Longi Solar have introduced new products with different…
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JA Solar, Jinko Solar and Longi Solar agree on standardized cell size

The last few months have seen a number of changes and launches in the solar industry. Various trends…
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Residential solar panels: Creating an ecosystem for further optimization and sustainability

The solar energy industry keeps growing. Even in a global recession, the largest PV manufacturers are still implementing…
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The SNEC trends from 2021 – The pulse of the industry

The corona pandemic and the resulting restrictions shaped the years 2020 and 2021 immensely. This turnaround that accompanied…
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Assessing PV manufactory providers in 2021

The environmental crisis has drawn people?s interest in alternative energy sources. In the last decade, the most investment in PV…
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The Top 10 Solar Module Manufacturers in the PV Industry – A Comparison Using the Exawatt Power Score Rankings

Longi, JA Solar, Jinko Solar – anyone who deals intensively with the topics of solar and photovoltaics has…
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Current European trends in solar panels

Considering the environmental urgency and the ever-growing need for clean and renewable energy, as well as the political…
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Rooftop solar projects ? how to find the right contractor

A decision of who to hire to get your rooftop solar panels installed must, by no means, be…
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Solarpower Europe: Polysilicon shortage and price increases determine the development of the solar industry this year.

Again this year, the SolarPower Europe trade group published the Global Market Outlook 2021-2025 in July 2021, from which we can take a global outlook for the PV industry.    In this article, we want to summarize for you the most important development details listed by SolarPower Europe and take a look together at what could await us in the future.    Solar market booming despite Corona pandemic   As we know very well by now, the Corona pandemic had partly negative effects on growth in different industries. However, this does not apply to the PV industry. Here, demand is still huge. The reasons for this are high demand and increasingly falling costs, with rising costs for oil, gas and coal on the other hand. The now noticeable effects of the climate crisis are also having an impact on demand.    Here’s a…
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Rising raw material prices – price development of solar modules in 2021

Also this year we can observe that the prices of any kind of solar products are steadily increasing. This price increase is due to more expensive raw material prices. According to Martin Schachinger, three to four price increases can be recorded within the last 6 months. However, an end of steadily increasing raw material prices would not be in sight for a long time yet.    This naturally raises the question for us, why prices are constantly rising this year as well, and what impact this will actually have on the future of the solar industry market. We want to answer these and some other questions in this article.    Solar module prices rise steadily in China and throughout Europe…
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