Jinko Tiger Pro 54HC – with super efficiency

Jinko Solar: new record efficiency and new module for rooftop systems with high snow or wind load


As we have observed, the solar industry is growing steadily. Some well-known manufacturers are launching new high-performance modules on the market and outperforming their respective efficiencies from month to month. The demand for solar products is not decreasing either. Rather the opposite.

This month, the Chinese photovoltaic manufacturer is attracting attention with a new record efficiency and a new module variant. In this article, we will take a closer look at Jinko’s innovations.

New record efficiency of 25.25 per cent for monocrystalline n-type solar cells is a fundamental milestone on the road to mass production


As recently as January 2021, the Chinese photovoltaic manufacturer’s efficiency was 24.9 per cent. Jinko calls the new record of 25.25 per cent an important breakthrough on the road to mass production of n-type Topcon cells. However, the date of the start of production of this n-type cell was left open. Material improvements in the cell process as well as the production on a CZ mono-Si substrate in the practical size of 267.4 square centimetres are said to have increased the efficiency here. Several advanced technologies have also been employed to achieve the high efficiency using ultra-thin polysilicon. These technologies include:

  • Jinko Solar n-type wafer
  • high conductivity passivating contact technologies
  • surface passivation
  • advanced diffusion system

In addition to high efficiency, Jinko Solar’s new Tiger Pro module series features special resilience to snow or wind load


Not only has the efficiency improved at Jinko Solar, but the Chinese solar module manufacturer has also placed a new module on the market for roof systems with high snow or wind loads.


Source: Emiliano Bellini, 30 Mar 2021, https://www.pv-magazine.de/2021/03/30/jinko-solar-packt-neuen-tiger-aus-415-watt-solarmodul-fuer-photovoltaik-dachanlagen/

This new module, named Tiger Pro 54HC, is based on 108 half-cells made of 182-millimetre wafers. It also achieves an efficiency of 21.3 per cent. It is specially designed for private roof systems, especially in areas with high snow or wind loads. Among other things, it is available in a total of five versions with outputs ranging from 395 to 415 watts.

We have summarised the most important data for you in the following table:

Idle currentBetween 36.9 V and 37.31 V
Short circuit currentRanges from 13.71 A to 14.01 A
Dimensions1.718mm x 1. 134mm x 30mm
Weight22 kg
Use at maximum operating temperatures-40 °C to 85 °C
Operating temperature coefficient-0, 35 % per °C
Warranty period25 year performance warranty 15 year product warranty
Other information3.2mm highly transparent tempered glass surfaces   Junction box with IP 68
Performance data Jinko Tiger Pro

However, this product is characterised by other outstanding features. Jinko explains that the new Tiger Pro modules are particularly well-suited to a wide range of distributed power generation installations. The new design, which is based primarily on size and weight, is intended to suit the body size and arm length of installers particularly well. In addition, the Chinese module manufacturer emphasises that these modules bring remarkable mechanical load resistance and reliability under extreme weather conditions.


The solar industry is growing steadily and, as we have noted, Jinko Solar is also playing a significant role here. Alongside products from other numerous photovoltaic manufacturers, the new module and also the increased efficiency can definitely keep up. A module that is particularly suitable for areas with high wind or snow loads and that is reasonably user-friendly will be of particular interest to private installers. We are looking forward to seeing what new innovations and improvements in the field of photovoltaics will come our way in the following months.


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Emiliano Bellini – PV Magazine; Jinko Solar unpacks new “Tiger”: 415 watt solar panel for rooftop photovoltaic systems; 30 Mar 2021; https://www.pv-magazine.de/2021/03/30/jinko-solar-packt-neuen-tiger-aus-415-watt-solarmodul-fuer-photovoltaik-dachanlagen/

Emiliano Bellini – PV Magazine;
Jinko Solar Announces New Record Efficiency of 25.25 Percent for Monocrystalline N-type Solar Cell; 05/31/2021; https://www.pv-magazine.de/2021/05/31/jinko-solar-verkuendet-neuen-rekordwirkungsgrad-von-2525-prozent-fuer-monokristalline-n-type-solarzelle/

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